German Language Services of San Diego - Quality Tutoring since 1993

"All four of our children have taken German as a third language and the experience went well due to our teacher from GLS, Antje. She is a native speaker with talent not only in teaching but also in handling students of varying talent and skill levels, whether a child who is challenged with language acquisition or one who is nearly fluent and hopes to pass the AP German exam with flying colors. As a native of Germany, she brings cultural knowledge to her lessons and is able to bring fun and depth to the structured material in her courses. In addition, Antje has prepared herself with the required certification for students to earn high school credit for the courses she teaches, making German classes a great way to fill additional high school elective requirements."

- Doris v.G. Bergum, San Diego, CA

"Being a German-American family living in Carlsbad, it means a lot to us to see our son Ryan continue to expand his knowledge of the German language. As an accredited high school course, our son is able to take German as an elective at La Costa Canyon High (as an off-campus course). Antje Heinz, Ryan's teacher, is able to provide lessons equivalent to lessons in a native German school. Class sizes are limited to a few students or, in our case, private lessons. This allows for customized learning. Although our son already spoke German when he started class, he now feels comfortable corresponding with his German friends in writing."

- Marion Johnson, Carlsbad

"Of all the activities in which our children participated throughout their primary and secondary school years, their German lessons with German Language Services were unparalleled. Through the passion and with the guidance of their German teacher, Antje Heinz, their language instruction led them to enriched cultural exchanges both in Germany and at home. German Language Services was extremely sensitive to each child's needs. When our younger son wanted to obtain high school credit for his advanced German studies through German Language Services, his GLS teachers ensured that all of our school district's requirements were satisfied-interfacing with with district administrators and gaining approval. As a parent, I will always be grateful for the superb teaching and personal attention given to both our children during their German studies with German Language Services-simply the best!"

- Susan, parent

"The German-language conversation group run by Antje Heinz is one of the very best adult continuing education classes I have ever attended. Antje is always well-prepared, beginning the meeting with "Kaffee" and a lively topic of conversation. In person she is never didactic, yet she is thorough, patient, wonderfully expressive and good-humored. Antje goes beyond her instructional responsibilities in the group meeting. For example, she arranges German-themed dinners, excursions to relevant cultural events such as movies, theater, and German-themed festivals. She presents contemporary German language and culture in an interactive atmosphere superbly conducive to learning and maintaining German language skills."

- Ken Kustin, Professor, emeritus